Solomons Offshore Grand Prix Photos


Tidewater Investment Group (TIG) was a proud sponsor of the Solomons Offshore Grand Prix race this past Sunday, 9/16/12. TIG donated space on the second floor of the restaurant (available to lease) to the race control crew and also the pier in front of the restaurant. This allowed race officials, race crews, US Coast Guard personnel, and public safety personnel to monitor the event and ensure that the race was safe AND fun for everyone. The guys from the Chesapeake Bay Power Boat Association did a great job as well running a first class event.

We were really pleased to see everyone having a fun time at the event, that business was brisk for everyone on the island, and that the fans had a great time. The TIG partners got to meet a lot of locals along with the fire and police personnel. We got a lot of great feedback from everyone about our vision to get a family friendly restaurant/bar opened that helps make Solomons a must visit location for residents, professionals, and tourists. We are committed to helping promote Solomons Island to drive the right kind of business to the island that helps to preserve the unique and quaint nature of the island. We know that is a tall order to find that balance between business and resident needs, but the success of this past Sunday should show that there is a way to do big events where everyone has fun, business thrives, and community order is maintained.

Special thanks to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department and the Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department for doing an amazing job ensuring public safety.

Enjoy some photos from the race and come see it next year!


TIG Partners
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Race Control on the Job


Close up of the race control and public safety support.


Saris Team Finishes 2nd Place


The Chopper Following the Race Boats was a Crowd Favorite


Awesome pack photo of high speed powerboat racing.


Can the chopper keep up?


These boats go up 135mpg and throw a mean wake!


These boats go FFFAAASSSTTT!


Race fans out front of TIG’s property and race control.

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